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ISO 27001:2022.

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ISO 27001:2022

A fuss free implementation

We use a standardised unique approach when implementing:

Less complexity

Reducing complexity, our streamlined approach ensures businesses navigate the intricate world of information security with ease.

Easy to understand

Our straightforward approach ensures that complex security measures are easy to understand, empowering businesses to grasp and implement robust information security systems effortlessly.

Ready to deploy

All the tools, templates and documentation are in place and are ready to use​.

Efficient start

We don‘t spend valuable project time developing things specifically for your organisation, we rather concentrate on delivering value using our standard tool-sets resulting in a faster and problem free implementation​.

Hand zeichnet ein Häkchen in die Luft

Our performance metrics:

Quality comes first

We prioritize excellence, delivering reliable and secure information security solutions tailored for your business needs.


Trust in us and our reliable tools for a secure and stable information security system.

Fast Integration

An implementation takes 6-9 months; we aim for a quick implementation as this causes less disruption in you organisation

ISMS Managed Services

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Quality Assurance

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competent ressources
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Total Care

Tools and Approaches

Our promise: quality, cost and dependability
Ansicht aus der Akarion Anwendung
Ansicht des Akarion Dashboards


We have chosen to work with Akarion, whose tool is easy to use and provides great insights into the management system, with lots of different modules to help and support​.

ISMS Policy Portal

ISMS Policy Portal

Each customer is allocated their own individual SharePoint portal, where the complete policy framework is easily reached and where after each workshop all documentation is made available. The information policies and guidelines following ISO27001:2022 have been developed using a standard approach; any additional customer specific requirements identified during the project are incorporated.​
Project Planning

Project Planning

We have developed a ready to use project plan, including all the milestones and deliverables (documents, meetings, evidences etc) in an easy to use format​.
Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

We employ a Binary Risk Analysis tool, which provides a consistent and easy to understand company risk exposure​.

PECB Implementation Approach

PECB Implementation Approach

ISecM uses the PECB implementation methodology to drive all project activities to a successful conclusion​.
Maturity Gap Analysis

Maturity Gap Analysis

This tool helps to understand the gap between where the respective organisation is in terms of achieving compliance (= actual maturity levels)​.

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