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Safeguarding your data and intellectual property:

Protecting your assets (information, data and intellectual property) has never been more urgent. ISecM specialises in ISMS solutions for NIS2, KRITIS und ISO 27001:2022.

What is an ISMS?

An ISMS is a management system that consists of a framework of well-defined processes, procedures and management practices used to systematically manage an organisation’s sensitive data and assets

ISMS = Information Security Management System

Our Services.

Advice & Support.

Our experienced consultants are able to support you in all areas of ISO27001.


ISecM is able to carry out your ISO27001 implementation using our proven methods and processes.

GRC Software Solutions.

ISecM offers a professional and easy to use GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) administration solution.

Managed Services.

What is your favourite colour: bronze, silver or gold? We offer managed services to give you a 'Peace of Mind' wherever you are.

Our Mission.

Entspannte Person lehnt sich nach der ISO27001 Implementierung in ihrem Schreibtischstuhl zurück und schaut aus dem Fenster.
Peace of Mind

As ISO/IEC 27001 experts, we at ISecM not only provide you with information security management tools, processes and procedures, but also ensure that they integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day business. In most cases, you won’t even realise they exist.

In addition, we customise our managed services solution to your organisation to make the day-to-day operation of your information security management system easier. This allows you to focus on what you do best and we take care of the rest. Because our goal is to provide you with solutions that give you peace of mind.

Our promise for a smooth implementation of ISO27001:2022.


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We have many years experience; we will do the right thing and have your interests at heart. It means behaving consistently and, in a manner, where you feel confident in our actions.​


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We are a learning organisation; we hunt new and better ways to solve problems; we are active listeners helping us better to understand and learn about your day-to-day needs.​


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For ISecM integrity means we value transparency and honesty, we are dedicated to do what is best for our customers.


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Quality comes first. Our tools, approaches and process have built-in quality: we prioritise dependability and it is important for us to deliver high levels of service and performance.

Interesting metrics and facts​.

ISecM is a young company with a big heart. Founded by two partners: Holger Schrader and Robert Ritchie.
Together, we have an invaluable amount of interdisciplinary industry experience – that’s why our approaches and solutions are so innovative and unique!


Target group

Banks, finance, critical infrastructure

Target group

banks, finance, critical infrastructure


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Customer satisfaction

What our customers say.

FAQ for ISO27001:2022 implementation​.

What is your ISO27001 implementation concept based on?

As accredited PECB ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementors, our senior consultants have the necessary expertise to support you in the implementation of information security management systems. ISecM’s approach is based on the PECB implementation process, which we have expanded into an easy-to-understand implementation plan based on our experience.

In addition, for KRITIS (critical infrastructures) we orientate ourselves on the guidelines of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) in order to guarantee you the highest standards in information security.

Does writing strategies and guidelines for ISO27001 implementation involve a lot of work?

If you were to start with a blank sheet of paper, the effort would be immense indeed! We use a policy portal in Microsoft SharePoint which provides a first class document management system for all your ISO27001 policies and guidelines, which means a lot less work and of course we save time and resources too!

Which GRC tool do you use?

We have decided in favour of a partnership with AKARION GmbH. Their GRC tool is easy to implement and use, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features or functionality. After conducting due diligence and analysing all the major GRC providers, we chose AKARION – and we and our customers are very satisfied!

How long does it take to implement an ISMS management system in accordance with ISO27001?

Implementation takes around 6 months, depending on the complexity of your organisation and the availability of your resources. We support you throughout the entire process. Your organisation must then operate the management system for around 6 months. After this time, you can go through the certification process (via an external audit), which we will help you prepare for.

ISO 27001

Secure your Future

Protect your organisation with our reliable information security solutions. Our experts assess your needs, develop customised strategies and implement robust measures to protect your data and assets.

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